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As soon as each class ends, Amanda makes a beeline to the nearest juice bar to get a smoothie. Donning her Gray hoodie, she orders her favorite strawberry and passion fruit smoothie mix. It’s a great way to replenish and recharge after working really hard and improving her skill set.

It’s raining a bit. No sweat. Amanda pulls the hood of her sweatshirt over her head and heads home, satisfied with the work she’s put in for the day. On to next week’s class, she thinks to herself. Her drink in one hand, a duffle bag full of protective gear on the other, she braves the now steady rain with her trustee hoodie keeping her nice and warm and as dry as could be.

Weather the next day was still a bit gloomy, with a light downpour dampening an otherwise gleeful day. Downing the last piece of pancake with maple syrup, she races towards the door. Wouldn’t want to be late for school. She takes a peek at the gray skies, grabs her bag and her hooded sweatshirt, and goes on her way with the same happy determination that she has for martial arts class. Trust us, she’s going to have a great day ahead, all warm and dry despite all the rain. She’s practical like that. Good for her.

The whistlekick hooded sweatshirt is the perfect thing to wear while you're warming up or headed outside. Soft 50/50 Cotton/Polyester blend that holds up well to both training and the washing machine. Full kangaroo pocket in the front for warming your hands or stashing your stuff. The hood is generously cut so that it can fit over a hat, headgear, or just your head. Loosely cut, so order a size down if you like your hoodies tight. This is sure to become your favorite sweatshirt.

These unisex sweatshirts have a whistlekick logo on the front and the Never Settle slogan at the back. Because why would you? Settle, I mean. Amanda didn’t. She’s good to go. Wherever her hoodie takes her - be it for class, training or just plain grabbing a smoothie - Amanda’s set.

The whistlekick hooded sweatshirt comes four colors including red, black, and gray. One for each day of the week. Because they’re so comfy and easy to wear, you’d want to wear them everywhere. So why don’t you?