Olympic Taekwondo Foot Protectors

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As early as Jenny can remember, her Taekwondo class was brutally satisfying.

She recalls the hours spent perfecting every stance, kick and leg movement. Every whip of her foot. Each swing of the leg. Blocking a blow with her arm and countering with a punch of her own.

Being a contact sport, you really shouldn’t expect anything less from Taekwondo. And Jenny knows it by heart. She endured every bit of pain and drop of sweat (sometimes, even blood).

But one thing’s for sure: she loved every minute of it.

She loved how her feet felt against the foam floor. The whipping sound her foot makes when it comes in contact with her instructor’s kick pad. The snap of her hand punching through her sparring partner’s block.

It was the best feeling in the whole world. Best sound. Best experience.

But one thing Jenny’s definitely not looking forward to is getting a horrific foot injury that could be prevented by wearing the right protective gear.

In Taekwondo, you use your feet and legs in almost every technique. And the risk of you running a foot injury is more likely in this contact sport.

With Whistlekick’s Taekwondo Foot Protector, you can lessen the occurrence of foot injuries from sparring or practice. They’re the most viable option for men, women & children looking for durable, premium, well-made TKD foot protectors.

Our foot protectors used premium materials and are designed better than other manufacturers, which leave our boots with the perfect feeling of protection without the feeling of extra weight or being heavy.

And because of all the action, you expect to get and the agile movements you’re about to make, our foot protectors are doubly reinforced. Nearly every place the “others” are sewn, our Tae Kwon Do foot protectors are sewn twice. They’re definitely the best choice for Olympic/WTF/WT sparring.
We also made them with a short velcro strap that’s sturdier so you need not wrap them all the way around the ankle. They will keep your feet in place and won’t hinder your mobility.

Plus, they’re highly comfortable, made with stretch-fabric everywhere it should be, and sweat-wicking material throughout to prevent slippage or instability.

If you'd prefer to purchase these on Amazon, here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HNPS75S