whistlekick Evade Sparring Uniform

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It’s that time of the year. Younglings and middle schoolers alike are getting ready for the martial arts tournament in their district. Never a dull moment during this season.

James is getting ready for his own competition. Sitting on top of his division last year, he’s eyeing to retain his standing. He needs to muster every ounce of strength, focus, and discipline to be able to do so.

Last year was a bit tough. He edged his opponent by only a few crucial points. And he felt like the weaknesses in his game could have been fortified had he spent more hours sparring with his teacher and fellow martial artists.

This year, he intends to avoid that mistake altogether and secure the title for the second consecutive year. It will be an honor and achievement unlike any other since James has dedicated many of his childhood years to the craft.

Slinging his Evade Sparring Uniform to his left shoulder, he braces himself, takes a deep breath, and enters the dojo. Time for action, he says to himself, smiling.

The Whistlekick Evade Sparring Uniform is your best companion for sparring and training sessions. This comfortable, fluid, stain-finished polyester uniform is sure to take your sparring game to the next level.

Offering minimal restriction and comfort, you'll be able to compete at a higher level, or get the most out of your training. You can move freely and with ease, executing the best moves with agility and strength.

The Evade Sparring Uniform is sold as a set, with a plain back for adding your team logo. You can mix and match with other sparring uniforms, though it’s best worn together as a set for added impact and flair.

The black satin design is perfect for a stealth-type sparring session. Kidding aside, the dark finish prevents you from getting dirty or messy, so you can go ahead and roll on the mat without a care in the world.

Comes in nine sizes, it’s best to opt for a looser fit to give you the freedom of movement. However, If you're in between sizes you'll probably want to size down.

You can find these on Amazon, too: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NGNX79B