Olympic Taekwondo Hand Protectors

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Steve wanted to be the best TKDist out there, and the best he could be. Even more, he wanted to be an Olympic-level taekwondo practitioner. There was just no way around it.

And he knew what that meant.

Being the best requires more than willingness and commitment - although these are the fundamentals.

To achieve his goal, Steve has to have the right mind and body conditioning. He has to exert thousands of hours practicing and training every grueling technique. Memorize and apply every form and stance. He would have to shape up real, real bad.

But he couldn’t necessarily do that bare-handed now, could he?

To be an Olympic-level TKDist, he had to have the right frame of mind. The right instructor, team and support system. The right physical conditioning.

And the right equipment, too.

Whistlekick’s Olympic Taekwondo Hand Protectors. Simply the best Taekwondo Glove option for men, women & children looking for durable, premium, well-made TKD hand protectors.

This is Olympic level, baby. We know what it takes. So we’ve made sure that our gloves are built well - if not better than the rest that’s out there. We use premium materials & better designs than other manufacturers which leave our gloves with the perfect feeling of protection, but without being heavy.

We wouldn't want you to hold back or coddle your practices. We want you to give your all every training or sparring session. Because every moment counts. Every moment contributes to your goal. So we’ve provided double reinforcement on our gloves. Nearly every place the “other” gloves are sewn, our Tae Kwon Do hand protectors are sewn twice.

Our gloves feature a quick-release Velcro strap, without the need to wrap all the way around the wrist. We know how important ease of use is to martial artists without sacrificing quality.

Comfort is also something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Yes, you have to suffer and sacrifice for the sake of getting better, but you shouldn't be in pain because of your equipment! Your gloves should enhance your skills, not take away from it. So we used stretch-fabric everywhere there should be and needs to be, and a sweat-absorbing pad on the thumb for wiping the sweat from your face mid-match.

The Whistlekick Olympic Taekwondo Hand Protectors. The best choice for Olympic/WTF/WT Sparring.

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