Helping martial arts school owners to connect and grow.

wK Alliance is a program designed for Martial art school owners to help them on their journey of growing their schools.  We are eager to create a network of martial arts professionals committed to success and mutual support. From marketing, to management, and much more!

You'll get special webinars, a private forum just for support, and ads that target the right people. Plus, there are fun challenges for students online every few months. All of this will help you make more money, boost your profits! You get everything for just $89 with a lifelong fixed membership fee. Read on to get the specifics, and sign up...

What you’ll get?

Geotargeted Advertising

Struggling with student recruitment and management? Our geotargeted ads promote martial arts benefits and drive traffic to accredited schools, like yours.

Peer-Support Forum

Certain questions are too sensitive for public discussion but require context to be helpful. wK Alliance members can use a private forum, secured by an NDA, to talk with other martial artists, ask questions, and get confidential feedback.

Online Challenges

Member schools can join quarterly challenges where their students compete within their school and against others. Whistlekick gives each school templates for media and press releases to use during the challenges, giving you the best value in culture and marketing.

Expert-Led Webinars

Boost your martial arts school with our topic-based webinars! Address issues like student numbers, teaching special needs students, leases, finances, and more. Members can attend these live or watch recordings monthly, and access all past sessions.

Why join?


Immediate Impact

Elevate your school with expert-led webinars, peer-support, geotargeted ads, and exciting online challenges.

Hassle-Free Marketing

We produce powerful marketing for you, bringing prospective students direct.

Community and Growth

Join an exclusive network of martial arts professionals committed to success and mutual support.

Flexibility and Freedom

No long-term commitments – cancel anytime if it's not the right fit for you.

Expert Guidance

Monthly webinars on vital topics like student enrollment and financial management.

Dynamic Online Challenges

Engage and motivate your students with fun, creative challenges designed with marketing benefit in mind.

Feedback on wK alliance

My school is up 33% since I started working with whistlekick Whistlekick is the best of the best.

Mark Warner

If your school is not yet a member of wK Alliance, it's not too late!
Twin State Martial Arts
You might think you are already doing everything you can to grow your school.

Jenni Nather

97.7% Program Retention 

 5.82% + Average Growth

Once schools join, they see the value and they stick around

Schools that have been part of wK Alliance for more than 4 months have seen an average growth of 5.82%

Join Whistlekick Alliance Today

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About Jeremy Lesniak

  • Founder and owner of WhistleKick
  • whistlekick Martial Arts Radio Host (#1 Traditional Martial Arts Podcast)
  • Presenter at Martial Arts Symposium

Hi, it's Jeremy! I'm a podcast host and the founder of Whistlekick. I have 40 years of experience and hold three black belts.

People have started referring to me as "The Martial Arts Ambassador." It's an incredible honor, and I've decided to finally embrace this name.

My primary mission is to inspire, educate, and empower martial arts enthusiasts of all levels. I aim to provide you with insightful guidance and practical advice to grow your school. I want to ignite that fire of passion for learning, promote inclusivity, and challenge the traditional ways in the martial arts world.

Martial art schools in the wK Alliance

Just some of the martial arts schools that have joined the wK Alliance are experiencing great benefits.
  • Mojo Dojo Karate
  • Colorado Martial Arts Academy
  • WOLF Martial Arts
  • Mark Warner's Professional Martial Arts
  • McCoy's Action Karate
  • Alpha Omega Martial Arts
  • Complete Martial Arts
  • Elements MMA
  • Karate International
  • Official Pride Martial Arts
  • Jae Nam Training Academy
  • Central Vermont Martial Arts
  • Arrowhead Martial Arts and Fitness
  • Seattle Wushu Center