Double-Wrap Solid Color Belt

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In Martial Arts, whenever you put on your belt, you’re not just wearing it without any thought or reason. There’s actually something symbolic and meaningful behind the gesture.

Strapping your belt to your waist symbolizes you bracing yourself for what’s to come. It’s gonna be one helluva training. You know you’re going to take some shots, maybe shed some blood. Definitely, leave sweat on the floor. It comes with the territory and you know what you signed up for.

Strapping your belt on not only keeps uniform from shifting, but it also secures your inner self by allowing you to go to that space where you can draw strength and courage. It’s an inner peace where discipline and determination come from.

Wearing your belt means you’re binding yourself to the path of Martial Arts that you’ve chosen to follow. You know it’s a lifelong commitment. The sport has given you so much, and you want to give your very all in turn.

So think about that the next time you tie your belt on your waist. Keep these things in mind. Your rank belt doesn’t just represent your current rank or status. It reflects everything you’ve worked hard for. Everything you’ve sacrificed and gained. It reflects your love for the sport.

The Whistlekick Double-Wrap Solid Color Belt. Simply the best karate/taekwondo rank belt choice for men, women & children looking for a durable, premium, well-made double-wrap belt for any style. Kung Fu, Tangsoodo, Tae kwon do (tkd), Kickboxing & more.

You can be assured that we’ve built this belt better to be as strong as your will to fight. We use premium materials & better designs than other manufacturers which leave our color and black belts with the perfect feeling of weight without being heavy.

Never worry about anything unraveling, except your nerves during competition. Our rank belts are fully sewn with quality stitching on the ends. Whereas some manufacturers heat-treat their ends to seal, ours are sewn for both tradition and quality. Whatever happens, your belt promises to stay strong if you will.

Our rank belts are also colored beautifully, and the color lasts. You will definitely see the vibrant colors to inspire you to get to the next level.

No more “propellor-belts”! Our rank belts are wrapped in a circle to help prevent the “propeller-belt” experience of other belts.

The fun part is our belts will require a bit of a break-in period because they’re made thicker than lower-cost, budget belts. But once it is broken in, which should only take a little while, you’ll be impressed with the way it holds a knot.

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