whistlekick Luminary Traditional Martial Arts Uniform

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See below for important sizing information.

Dave remembers putting his first gi on like it was yesterday.

Ever since he was a kid, he imagined what it would be like to practice with a uniform on. Looking into a glass window, he watched as other kids had their taekwondo lessons. He wished he was inside, training with them.

Then the day came when his mom agreed to enroll him in a class. As his first training was about to start, he hoisted his pants up, a little loose for his age, and gripped the left arm sleeve of his gi. “This is it,” he said to himself. “This is your dream come true. You’ll never look back after this.”

And he never did.

Fast forward ten years, Dave was no longer that little boy. He was a man now. And he was more an avid fan of the sport than ever.

Draping that crisp white uniform over your body really does something to you. To your pride. To your dignity. To your honor.

Having the Luminary Gi on him made Dave move swifter, jump higher, kick harder, and punch stronger.

His every move was made with an unwavering focus and a powerful determination. His gi moved with him, reinforced in the right areas for an unrestrained and fully maximized training session, the only way Dave has been doing it for the past ten years.

When we started working on the Luminary Uniform, we wanted something that would check as many boxes, for as many people as possible. It took a lot of time to find not only the right design and materials but the right factory to produce our vision.

The wait is over, and hopefully, you can see why it took some time. This uniform is all you’ll ever want and need in your gi, and more.

It features a wrap-around style with plenty of features, perfect for providing ease and comfort in movement.

We’ve also made sure that the material and stitch is of best quality to add an extra layer of reinforcement. Enjoy your sparring sessions without any restrictions in your movement.

Made with an amazing middleweight cotton fabric, you’ll find that the Luminary Gi is a perfect, comfortable fit. Neither too heavy nor too light, it breathes yet provides plenty of snap.

Select the size that best fits you for a more optimized martial arts experience. For reference, click on the image to enlarge the size chart.

Please note that this uniform is based on a traditional, Japanese cut. Customer feedback has led us to recommend you size up if you're not a thinner person. The size chart has all the info you need, so be sure to measure adequately to save yourself the hassle of a return.

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