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MATTaC Level 1 - January 6, 2024 - Exeter, NH

MATTaC Level 1 - January 6, 2024 - Exeter, NH

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MATTaC Level 1 - January 6, 2024 - Exeter, NH
930am - 430pm @ Karate International, Exeter, NH

Limited to 25 participants.
Registration Deadline is January 4, 2024.

Martial Arts Teacher Training and Certification Level 1 is an all-day course designed to help martial arts instructors, of all experience levels and styles, advance their teaching skills. Rooted in universal teaching principles, this course is a combination of lecture, discussion, and drill to help you become a better teacher. You'll notice changes that day, and continue to notice changes over time.

This course isn't about what to teach - that varies depending on style. Rather, it's about how to teach, as well as when and why.

Level 1 is the entry point to the whistlekick/MATTaC martial arts educational sphere. As we roll out additional courses you'll have the chance to gain further understanding and, in some cases, certification. Level 1 is the starting place, and is equally applicable to those getting ready to teach their first class as well as instructors with decades of experience. Everyone will find value in this class.

This course is taught by whistlekick founder, Jeremy Lesniak, and MATTaC Co-Founder Craig Wharem. Between the two of them, they have decades of instructional experience, with complementary skills that led to the creation of this program.

We are launching this course at an introductory price to increase exposure. There are no discounts, and the price will only increase. You will not find a better value.

Meals are not provided. We recommend you bring lunch, but there are also local places and we will give you enough time to get food and eat it without being rushed.

Further instructions will be sent to registrants.
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