noSweat Athletic Shirt

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The simple t-shirt. The most unifying article of clothing. Great for athletic or casual wear. Perfect for a trip to the mall to run errands or watch a movie. Wear under a sports coat and your good for date night. Pair with your favorite jammies and it’s off to bed for you.

Now, whistlekick has its own line of tees to usher a new breed of athletes into a healthy and flexible lifestyle. Be it for work, play or everything in between, these shirts are the best fit for you.

Let the noSweat athletic shirt be your everyday wear. It’s made of 3.7oz polyester fabric which makes it the lightest shirt we've ever offered. It keeps moisture away from your skin and helps you stay cool. After all, you wouldn’t want to be sweating all over, especially during a really good training session. Fits snug, but not tight, making it a perfect base layer under your martial arts uniform or on its own during those sweaty summer workouts. .

A simple whistlekick logo and text splashed on the front and the Never Settle slogan and whistlekick logo on the back complete this effortless look. Throw in a simple jacket and denim jeans for that no-fuss school outfit. Then head to practice afterward for a good sweat, still with your noSweat tee (ironically!).

This has become our most popular shirt, and it's easy to see why! Order one (or two) today. Available in five sizes for a more custom fit.