Prime Taekwondo Uniform - Updated Version

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The whistlekick Prime Taekwondo Uniform is a pullover-style martial arts uniform designed to look just like a standard TKD dobok... but it holds a pretty important secret.

The gusset (between the legs of the pants) is made out of stretch fabric!

Make sure to check out the video (here) for the full effect of this great uniform.

Without it looking different, we've improved the most important part of a taekwondo practitioner's uniform - the pants. By replacing the standard fabric with stretch, you won't have to hike your pants up or worry about them binding during high kicks.

And all of this comes in a standard weight uniform, without the expense of something that's over the top in other areas. It's an excellent value and addresses the biggest complaint we heard from customers about the first version of our Prime uniform.

This uniform does include a basic white belt.


  • Drawstring and elastic waist
  • White with logo accent on front and back of top, front of pants
  • At least two rows of stitching at all seams
  • Stretch gusset
  • Wide-cut for movement and airflow
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