Simple "Never Settle" T-Shirt

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Sometimes, simplicity is best. Actually, it’s not sometimes. It’s most of the time.\

There are days when you just want to chill. And your outfit represents your mood. So this perfect simple shirt from Whistlekick will do the trick for you. But there’s a kicker… see the statement? It says “Never Settle”. And that’s precisely how we feel about everything in life.

You should never settle.

Even if you feel like relaxing or kicking back; donning this shirt will remind you to still do something worthwhile even in your most down or the most chill of days. Because why would you settle, right? The world is yours for the taking. It’s yours to explore. So get on it and grab the bull by the horns. Wow, we’ve put all the motivational cliches we could ever muster, but you get the point, right?

This simple “Never Settle” shirt will be the perfect pick-me-upper to keep you productive and on the go. We know you've been asking for a simple shirt, so here you go. Our one-of-a-kind logo in red on either white, black, or navy tees, featuring the aforementioned mantra that we all strive to live by. Unisex, standard fit, 100% cotton with a tear-away label for comfort. This is a great shirt at a better price!