whistlekicks v1 Hi Top Limited

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You may wear shoes during your martial arts training, but those are only on your feet a small portion of your day. This shoe is for the passionate martial artist who wants to go beyond shirts, beyond hats. A shoe that reflects your utter dedication to self-improvement through the arts.

Designed by whistlekick founder Jeremy, each pair is handmade to order in Italy by a master shoemaker. Because of this, it can take some time. Expect two months for delivery.

All leather, in a rich blue with black and white accents. Ships in a custom storage box for when they're not on your feet - which, as comfortable as they are, will likely be rare.

Shoes are available in a standard width (aka B or medium), so you wide-foot types are out of luck at the moment.

Total production will be limited to 99 units, or 99 days - whichever comes first.