Justin Sweeney

My name is Justin Sweeney, I am 1st degree Black Belt in Koro Ken Karate. I have been training for 4 years at Vermont Martial Arts Academy originally training in only karate, now I train in Aiki-Jutsu and Kickboxing as well.

Justin Sweeney

I have been helping teach children’s classes since I was a Yellow Belt, 3 years ago. I have been competing in IPPONE and TSMAA for 3 years as well and have traveled to Mexico and Canada for tournaments. Now I am the head of my school’s tournament team, and teach the tournament classes independently.

I love all aspects of competition and believe it really changed my ability in the Martial Arts, not only did I push harder because I wanted to do well, but I also became part of this very large community which includes my relationship with whistleKick and many schools in New England.

I am a Senior in High School and plan to study Exercise Science in college and become a Martial Arts School Owner and Instructor after college. I am passionate for the Martial Arts and helping others, I believe that helping people through Martial Arts is one of the best ways to enhance the surrounding and global community. Martial Arts helped me through a lot as a young teenager and got me through bullying and many personal issues and now I wish to do the same for others.

To keep up to date with what’s happening in my life check out my Instagram and Facebook below:

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