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Questions & Answers About whistlekick Martial Arts Sparring Gear & Apparel

Q: What sizes do you offer and what size is right for me?

A: We offer a full line of sizes that fits 99% of the population, with sizes for that other 1% on the way. You can view sizing in the image section of each item.

Q: Is there a wholesale sparring gear program for my resale business or martial arts studio?

A: There is! Please check out our wholesale sparring gear program here.

Q: Are the prices for boots, gloves and shin guards for individual units or a set?

A: All of our boots, gloves, and shins are sold as pairs. Helmets are sold as individual units. If you have two heads, feel free to contact us for a discount. :)

Q: What makes your martial arts gear so different?

A: Our gear wasn't designed with marketing or cost concerns. We took a look at where other gear ripped or failed. We asked our friends and training family what they wanted to see in their version of perfect sparring gear. Then we invested lots of money and time designing, refining and improving on all of those ideas. Then we produced it and made it available for sale. There's a reason people love our martial arts gear, and it's a simple one - we loved making it! This is why we claim the tagline "The World's Best Sparring Gear" - because that's what we make.

Q: Your gear costs more than something from X brand. Why?

A: We don't cut corners in the manufacture of our gear. We use the best foam, the most reinforcement and make every decision based on quality and utility. We're happy with the result, but we realize that some folks are looking for the least expensive option. We're okay with not being that option. However, we've found that our gear is far less expensive over time because it lasts longer and people replace it less frequently.

Q: I ended up with the wrong size, what do I do now?

A: We offer easy returns on all unused sparring gear and apparel. Please contact us within 15 days of receiving your products and we'll send you instructions for returning any like-new items. We cannot accept any returns on used products, or anything that we can't resell.

Q: What's the story behind whistlekick?

A: You can read more on our start on the about page or hear from our founder here.

Q: What martial art styles can use whistlekick sparring gear?

A: We've sold our gear to martial arts stylists from all sorts of martial arts. From karate to kung fu, tae kwon do to tang soo do, our gear can be found on some of the best martial artists around. We've even had some orders from mixed martial arts fighters for use during their stand-up sparring training.

Q: What's the story behind your mascot, Master Hopkick?

A: Master Hopkick was inspired by our founder's pet rabbit, Uriel. Uriel has passed away but lives on as a fiery, strong superhero of a rabbit named Master Hopkick. The name came from a contest we ran on our Facebook page in 2014. There's even a book that tells the story of how he came to be, available on Amazon.

Q: Do you ship internationally? 

A: Yes, we do! We began offering international shipping in May of 2015 after receiving growing demand from folks overseas.

Q: Do you offer any kind of sponsorships or other programs for those that want to represent whistlekick?

A: Sure do! Please go here to learn more about our sponsorships and Brand Ambassador program.


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whistlekick Mascot Master Hopkick Rabbit

Meet our friendly mascot, Master Hopkick!