Our Sparring Boots

Offer More Traction & Less Weight

Our Helmets

Are Unbelievably Comfortable

Our Sparring Gloves

Are Durable & Breathable

Our Shin Guards

Are Double-Thick Where it Counts

Ready For An Upgrade?


Welcome to whistlekick, where we make the world's best and most innovative martial arts sparring gear for traditional martial artists. We made the best protective equipment you can buy because we wanted something better for ourselves.With unique designs and top-notch quality, there's nothing like whistlekick. You'll notice the difference the first time you use our protective martial arts equipment.

Is Your Gear Letting you Down?

Our protective gloves and boots were designed from the ground up in a process that took over two years and extensive research and development dollars. The result is a line of quality products - hands, feet, helmet and shin guards - that we're proud to put our name on. We know you'll appreciate the hard work that went into them. Once you experience whistlekick, nothing else will do.

Different by Design

Once you try the boots on, you won't want to take them off. Our gloves let your hands breathe during those long training sessions. Shouldn't you be wearing pads that let you focus on your training or that crucial sudden-death point? With whistlekick, you'll never worry about your equipment again, but you won't want to be without it. When we say this is the best equipment on the market, we mean it's the best..

Hear What others are saying

Best sparring Gear.

Master Huzon Alexander, 6th Dan Tae Kwon Do, School Owner, Nationally recognized competitor and Coach of Team Rapidforce

I have geared the whole family up with whistlekick sparring gear, which I feel is the best on the market!

Rex T.

My daughter LOVES the sparring gear. It’s a much higher caliber and quality than she had been using and she’s so happy with it. Keep up the good work!!


Just wanted to say thanks for the great gear you offer. Christopher and Caleb are in the dojo every day and the gear looks brand new! We will never buy anything else.

Kim M.

Everyone has upped their game and of all the gear we have bought over the past year, there isn't a single sign of wear on any of it, not even the pair of loaners we keep around!

Cory Rose