Martial Arts Consulting for Schools

We offer martial arts consulting that acknowledges the unique challenges of a traditional dojo/dojang/etc. in a modern landscape. And we do so in a healthy, supportive, and economically viable way.

Martial Arts School Consulting Quote

Have you ever struggled with:

  • Growing your school with limited time and money?
  • Understanding the most effective ways to market your school?
  • Having enough money at the end of the month to pay yourself the salary you deserve?
  • Dealing with the challenge of having staff/employees who are also friends and students?

Martial Arts Consulting Can Help

We can work with you to solve these challenges, and have already done so with numerous martial arts schools. Whether you're just starting out or you've had your school for years, 50 students or 500... martial arts consulting with whistlekick can help!

And we'll do so with empathy, integrity, and just the right amount of accountability and encouragement for you.

Our average consulting client reports being profitable on their consulting investment halfway through their third month. Space is limited, and we won't work with a school within 20 miles of an existing client.

Get started for as little as $249 a month, with a discount for prepayment. (Most clients see the success they're looking for while spending less than $1000/month)

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As with everything we do, this program is based in building a mutually-beneficial, long-term arrangement, and that includes being sensitive to what you can afford - in both time and money.

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There are a few things you may want to know before proceeding.

  • We promise to never disclose details of your school, style, system, students, or any other personal information to anyone outside of our organization. This is indefinite, and can only change with your express permission.
  • Similarly, we don't have a "make once, use many" philosophy to our martial arts consulting. We customize whatever it is we're doing to you, your school, and your specific goals and needs.