Accredited Martial Arts Schools


Welcome to whistlekick's Accredited Martial Arts Schools list, featuring top schools across the USA and soon, the world. Each school has pledged to uphold our Six Freedoms of Martial Arts, aligning with our 'Never Settle' ethos.

Whether you're starting, restarting, or continuing your martial arts journey—for you or your children—know that the schools below are your best choice for training.

To learn more about our accreditation process, scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Accredited Martial Arts Schools

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Mojo Dojo Karate Logo

Mojo Dojo Karate


Colorado Martial Arts Academy Logo

Colorado Martial Arts Academy


Lake Zurich Family Martial Arts

Lake Zurich Family Martial Arts


    WOLF Martial Arts Logo

    WOLF Martial Arts


      Kenpo Martial Arts Center Dedham MassKenpo Martial Arts Center

      Mark Warner's Professional Martial Arts Academy Logo

      Mark Warner's Professional Martial Arts

      McCoy's Action Karate Logo

      McCoy's Action Karate


        Alpha Omega Martial Arts Logo

        Alpha Omega Martial Arts

        New Hampshire

        Eric Menard's Complete Martial Arts Academy Logo

        Complete Martial Arts

        Elements MMA Logo

        Elements MMA

        • Location: 310 Marlboro ST, Suite #264, Keene, NH
        • Website:
        • MATTaC - Level 2
        Karate International Logo

        Karate International

        • Location: 137 Epping Rd. Exeter, NH
        • Website:
        • MATTaC - Level 2

        New York

        Official Pride Martial Arts Logo

        Official Pride Martial Arts


        Jae Nam Training Academy Logo

        Jae Nam Training Academy


          Arrowhead Martial Arts & Fitness Logo

          Arrowhead Martial Arts and Fitness

          • Location: 49 Middle Road Unit 5, Milton, VT
          • Website:
          Central Vermont Martial Arts Logo

           Central Vermont Martial Arts

          TKD KICKS Logo

          TKD KICKS

          • Location: Middlebury, VT
          • Website:
          • MATTaC - Level 2


          Seattle Wushu Center Logo

          Seattle Wushu Center


          Note: MATTaC designations indicate the school has at least one instructor who has completed the specified course material. For more information on the MATTaC programs, click here.

          At whistlekick, we're not just about martial arts; we're about enriching lives through martial arts. That's why we've created the wK Alliance program, a unique accreditation process that ensures each martial arts school on this list adheres to our Six Freedoms of Martial Arts. These freedoms empower you to train on your terms, whether you're just starting out, picking up where you left off, or looking for the next level for you or your family.

          The term 'accredited martial arts' is a promise—a promise that these schools have been vetted by whistlekick and pledged to uphold the elements of martial arts that are most important. From Karate to Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu to Kung Fu, (and beyond) you can trust that these accredited martial arts schools offer a transformative experience that aligns with our 'Never Settle' motto.

          So, wherever you are on your martial arts path, know that choosing one of these accredited martial arts schools means choosing a community committed to excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement. Feel confident in your choice and take your martial arts journey to new heights with an accredited school from whistlekick's Alliance program.