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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio is the only weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you the best stories from the best martial artists. From Bill "Superfoot" Wallace to Sensei Fumio Demura, we're talking to everyone with a great story.

We release a new episode every week and record new ones all the time. You can learn more at whistlekickmartialartsradio.com or subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or anywhere else you find podcasts. You can also download our free apps for Android.

Interested in being a guest on our show, or know someone that is (or should be)!? You can use the guest submission form here

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Our past guests include an amazing list, including Shihan Chrisine Bannon-Rodrigues, Kyoshi Dave Kovar, Mr. Mike Chat, Mr. Tony Blauer, Grandmaster Victor Moore, Master Freddie LaPan and literally dozens of others.

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