Online Challenges

Last Updated: May 31, 2024

Online Challenges

Welcome to the dynamic wK Alliance Online Challenges! Celebrating martial arts' spirit and skills, we invite you to witness the talent and dedication of participating schools. These exclusive challenges not only showcase our community's growth and positive impact but also offer a vibrant glimpse into martial arts excellence. Join us in this journey and feel the excitement of being part of something truly special!


The next challenge starts this September! Learn how your school can join at the bottom of this page.

Announcing the Winner of the Complicated Drill Challenge!

The winner of this challenge is McCoy's Action Karate. Congratulations to all of the participating schools for their submissions, and the individuals who made them happen! You can see their submission below:

Participating schools had 2 minutes in this challenge to explain and showcase a unique drill they've invented. The challenge's goal was to make this drill as complicated as possible while still being able to explain and demonstrate!

The drill, while complicated, adhered to a few requirements.

  • It must be possible to perform the drill with items commonly found in a martial arts school and/or home.
  • The drill must be demonstrated successfully in the video.
  • The explanation must include answers to potential questions.
  • The entire video must be 2 minutes or less.
  • AND the drill and video must include the secret elements that have not been released yet.

    Past Challenges

    The 60-Second Fight Scene Challenge is closed, and the winner is Arrowhead Martial Arts & Fitness. You can see their submission below. Great job to all entrants, and congratulations to the winners!

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