Welcome, and thank you. If you're on this page you've come here directly. There's no link, no magic QR code. You have to take the action - you have to choose to be here.

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And that means you're likely aligned with our mission - to grow and spread traditional martial arts, because of the benefits it brings to the practitioners.

Below is a list of actions you can take that help us in our mission. Some help us fund the company, others help spread the word. They're all valuable.

Please take actions that make sense for you, and your relationship to whistlekick. After all, you're family, and we want you to choose how you help us.


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One of the shots from my Senior pictures. My Mother and I argued about which one would make it into the yearbook. I lost, but this one ended up a gift to the dojo, where last I knew, it still hung. ~jeremy

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Contact us to get a date on the tour, and check the current list here.


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Did you see all the awesome photos from Free Training Day 2021?

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