whistlekick is a team who's goal is to extend the positive impact that martial arts makes in the daily lives of people around the world. The best teams are more than the sum of their individual parts. If you think you would be a good match for one of the opportunities listed below, email jeremy at your resume and cover letter to apply.

Outside Sales


With the recent addition of Martial Journal Magazine, we now have a variety of advertising inventory available to those who want to reach the martial arts industry. Which means it's time to bring someone in to handle that.

We're looking for someone to handle all stages of the sales cycle, and in exchange we're going to pay a well-above-average commission to the right person. While sales experience isn't required, it is preferred.

There is no base salary for this position, nor any other benefits. However, there is also no ceiling on the commissions paid, nor long sales cycles that tie your checks up for months on end. This position will be focused on building relationships and maintaining them, all to the benefit of both whistlekick (and you!) the client, and the martial arts industry overall.

To apply, see the address at the top of this section.

Director of Apparel

For years, we've marketed a line of apparel targeting those passionate about their traditional martial arts practice. We're looking for someone to oversee this apparel line, including our print-on-demand, presale, ordered, and X wK wholesale program.

Our apparel is worn worldwide, by martial artists of all disciplines. As this segment of our business grows, we need someone to craft and execute a cohesive strategy that brings martial artists of all kinds to our website to purchase our apparel.

This is a remote, part time (for now) position. Pay is based on a productivity/profit share model. (Meaning no base salary). If you enjoy a challenge, love martial arts, ooze creativity and are able to be self-motivated and meet deadlines, you might be the right person for this position.

To apply, see the address at the top of this page.

Content Writer

Do you have a passion for martial arts? Are you looking to develop your writing skills and portfolio? Then this opportunity is for you.

This is a rolling internship - meaning you can stay on for as little as 3 months, or longer, if you'd like. There's no defined start date - we'll connect with the right people, when they come along. Could that be you?

While this role isn't exclusively for those with martial arts background, you're likely to enjoy the work more if you do. Initially you'll be assigned topics, and given instruction on the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. You'll learn how to develop content for websites, newsletters, and social media.
Over time, you'll get the chance to select your own topics and present them for approval. Editing is handled by our editing manager, with more than 15 years of editorial experience.

Whether you're looking to head in a new direction or just brush up on some skills, this is a great opportunity. Minimum time commitment is 2 hours per week, but can be more, depending on your goals. This is a remote position - we can accomplish everything we need to via phone, email and/or zoom.

To apply, see the address at the top of this page.