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Martial arts teacher training and certification from whistlekick.

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Step into a new realm of expertise with whistlekick's Martial Arts Teacher Training and Certification (MATTaC)—the only standardized program in the industry. MATTaC doesn't just certify you; it elevates you to an elite cadre of martial arts instructors.

Upon completion, your name will be proudly listed on our official registry, amplifying your credibility and reach. This is more than a course; it's your ticket to a community of excellence and recognition. Don't let this unparalleled opportunity slip away. Enroll now to transform your passion into a profession and make your mark in the martial arts world. Experience the MATTaC advantage today!

Upcoming MATTaC Courses

(MATTaC) Level 1

  • January 6, 2024 | Karate International, Exeter, NH | Registration HERE

(MATTaC) Skills & Drills

  • None currently scheduled

(MATTaC) Level 2

  • None currently schedule

If you'd like to bring a MATTaC course to your martial arts school, please contact us.

More About Level 1

Martial Arts Teacher Training and Certification Level 1 is an all-day course designed to help martial arts instructors, of all experience levels and styles, advance their teaching skills. Rooted in universal teaching principles, this course is a combination of lecture, discussion, and drill to help you become a better teacher. You'll notice changes that day, and continue to notice changes over time.

(If you're looking for individualized attention for you or your martial arts school, please consider our Martial Arts Consulting)

Martial Arts Teacher Training and Certification Quote

This Course...

This course isn't about what to teach - that varies depending on style. Rather, it's about how to teach, as well as when and why.

Level 1 is the entry point to the whistlekick/MATTaC martial arts educational sphere. As we roll out additional courses you'll have the chance to gain further understanding and, in some cases, certification. Our Level 1 is the starting place, and is equally applicable to those getting ready to teach their first class as well as instructors with decades of experience. Everyone will find value in this class.

This course is taught by whistlekick founder, Jeremy Lesniak, and MATTaC Co-Founder Craig Wharem. Between the two of them, they have decades of instructional experience, with complementary skills that led to the creation of this program.

Martial Arts Teacher Training and Certification Testimonial

We all know that growing as an instructor is important. Just as we improve our martial arts skill, we should be improving our martial art instruction skill! Rooted in principles that apply to any teacher/student relationship, our courses will help bring out the exceptional teacher that was hiding inside you all along.


In my 25 years of owning and operating my own school, and almost 50 years training in the martial arts I have never seen such a dynamic program that empowers Martial arts instructors. MATTaC not only educated but also inspired my staff and I to go from excellent (which my staff was) to outstanding, over-the-top leaders in the community as well as the martial arts. ~Mark Warner


All you need is willingness, and time. Know that we can give you the tools you need to improve, but you need to implement them. These courses are intensive, but fun. We strive to better ourselves as we teach the teachers, which is why the courses continue to improve over time.


This is something I should have all my black belts participate in order to help them with their journey into becoming instructors, which in turn will help me start to delegate more and give them the time and space they need to move forward. ~Kellie Thomas

More About Skills & Drills

The MATTaC Skills & Drills Course is both a practice opportunity for those who have attended a Level 1 event as well as those who want to give the MATTaC material a try without committing to a full Level 1.

In this shorter and enjoyable offering, which may vary timewise depending on when and where it's being hosted, we break out a number of the drills from the Level 1 course. These drills facilitate real-world, real-time progress on a variety of fronts: educational theory, class management, student management, and much more.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

More About Level 2

The Level 2 course is the continuation of the journey. Classroom time builds on everything in Level 1, adding depth and comfort to the tools first shown in Level 1. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of all material, and how it impacts their teaching.

Additionally, Level 2 participants may (but are not required to) take the MATTaC Level 2 exam. This exam is the first industry-standard examination for martial arts instruction. Successful completion not only proves competency but also earns the title of MATTaC Level 2 Instructor, which gives access to additional training opportunities.

As a professional martial arts instructor for 35 years, including 21 as a school owner, I give MATTaC Level 2 my highest endorsement. ~Dennis Campo

Accredited Instructors

Here's a public list of MATTaC Accredited Instructors.