Never Settle Awards

Welcome to the inaugural year of the Never Settle Awards. You can read the full announcement on the Martial Journal Website: here

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Together with Martial Journal, whistlekick is proud to sponsor the Never Settle Awards. These awards are designed to recognize the martial artists who give back to their schools, their communities, and the martial arts world at large.


Nominations close August 15, 2022

Never Settle Awards


Never Settle Awards Nomination Forms

Below you will find four different awards for which you can nominate people. You do not have to nominate someone for each award, and you can nominate someone multiple times. Try to spread the love, though, if possible. You can nominate yourself, where appropriate.

Enduring Footprint Award

Enduring Footprint Martial Arts Award - Footprints in Sand

Ideal nominees would stand out for their lasting impact on the martial arts community across a significant period of time. While the extent of the impact may be a result of direct, in person interactions, impact resulting through social media and other internet activity is also worthy of consideration.

Martial artists would not only say that they know who the nominee is but will also be able to discuss how the nominee influenced their training in some way.

Enduring Footprint Award Nomination Form

Emissary of the Arts Award

Emissary of the Martial Arts Award - Man Hiking with a Backpack

Highlighting those who have contributed to the arts and the community as well, making the world a better place. Ideal nominees would demonstrate the positive qualities of martial arts and martial artists in ways not directly tied to martial arts. Many martial arts schools use positive character traits as a benefit to be grown from continued training.

These nominees demonstrate these qualities routinely beyond the walls of their schools such that people know the nominee based on actions and deeds, not on martial arts rank, ability, or martial arts notoriety.

Emissary of the Arts Award Nomination Form

Open Door Award

Open Door Martial Arts Award - Door Opening Onto a Garden

This person operates a school that has created a culture where students would refer to it as home, family. Everyone is welcome and wants to be there - with each other, even though they are all different.

These schools make everyone feel welcome, regardless of what they bring to the table. Past training or not, all ages, physical capacity, and more. These schools accept everyone, and make sure that their first few months is only the beginning of the journey.

Open Door Award Nomination Form

Flashlight Award

Flashlight Award - Martial Arts Awards - Flash light shining into space

People who make a difference in the arts - no matter rank. While quietly making an impact in their community, they demonstrate that actions speak louder than words in the most positive of ways.

A nomination for this award represents that the nominee's actions were noticed, were appreciated, and are worthy of recognition beyond a simple “Thank You.”

This is the person who needs to be nominated because they would never nominate themselves.

Flashlight Award Nomination Form

Thank You

We look forward to receiving your submissions and taking the next steps in recognizing these wonderful members of our community.

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