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Welcome to whistlekick's Alliance Program!

Join the whistlekick Alliance (wK Alliance) to get a growing set of tools sure to improve all aspects of your martial arts school. From marketing, to management, and (much!) more, you get everything for just $89 with a lifelong fixed membership fee. Read on to get the specifics, and sign up.

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wK Alliance Benefits Icons

What struck me is how there is so much more meat here than anything I saw from [alternative1] and [alternative2] during my time as a martial arts business owner. The depth you go into for writing a press release, for example, is a level of detail I’ve never seen.

wK Alliance features

Lifetime flat pricing icon
A single monthly fee that, once you commit, will never go up, even as we add new benefits. Guarantee incredible pricing for the future, now!

Geotargeted Ads Icon
 Benefit 1 - Geotargeted Ads: We run ads in your local area directing those interested in a martial arts school to a list of accredited schools, where they'll find a link to your website.

Owner's Peer Support Forum Icon
Benefit 2 - School Owner's Peer-Support Forum: Protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, so you can get honest help with important issues.

Challenges Icon
Benefit 3 - Quarterly Challenges: Simple and fun challenges that your school will love! And you get simple promo templates to get max benefit.

Webinars Icon
Benefit 4 - Webinars: Every manner of interesting subject for martial arts school owners, available live as well as access to the full library of recordings later on.

    read on for details, regional benefits, and an FAQ section

    whistlekick Alliance Program

    Why Should I Join the wK Alliance Program?

    Join us to enhance the martial arts experience for you and your students! From exclusive webinars, to a private support forum, and targeted ads. Even quarterly online student challenges. All of this will improve your revenues, profits, and culture.

    Why This is Important to Us

    Please watch the video!

    What Does the wK Alliance Program Include?

    Like everything we do at whistlekick, we never ask for anything without providing overwhelming value in return. wK Alliance members receive access to all of these benefits:

    1. Geotargeted Ads Logo
      Geotargeted Advertising - Struggling to attract new students while managing your current ones? Our geotargeted ads highlight martial arts benefits and direct people to accredited schools, including yours. This credible third-party approach is 5-25x more effective than self-run ads, using 20% of wK Alliance dues for the ads.

    2. Peer-Support Logo
      Owner's Peer-Support Forum - Some questions are too sensitive for open discussion but also need to be given specific context in order to be helpful. wK Alliance members have access to a private group forum, protected by a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), where you can speak with other martial artists, ask questions, and gain feedback with confidentiality.

    3. Challenges Logo
      Online Challenges -  Member schools can participate in quarterly challenges that allow their students to compete among each other and with other schools. Whistlekick provides each school with media/press release templates to use in conjunction with the challenges, getting you the maximum possible value, in both culture and marketing.

    4. Webinars Logo
      Expert-Led Webinars - Enhance your martial arts school with our topic-focused webinars! Tackle challenges like fluctuating enrollment, teaching special needs students, lease agreements, financial management, and more. Members get monthly access to these webinars live or recorded, with the ability to revisit all past sessions.

    As the program grows we'll be adding even more value through other benefits. And you'll still only pay $89 a month.

      Regional Benefits

      As we continue to expand the reach of wK Alliance, we're adding benefits that might not be applicable to all schools.

        How Does the wK Alliance Program Work?

        Becoming a wK Alliance member school is simple:

        • Agree that your school will uphold the mission and spirit of whistlekick as exemplified by the Six Freedoms of Martial Arts:
          1. The freedom to train…
          2. The freedom to remain private…
          3. The freedom to determine what martial arts means…
          4. The freedom to become better…
          5. The Freedom to live your training…
          6. The Freedom to compete…
        • Agree to and sign a "Non Disclosure Agreement" in regards to all private information given access to through membership. This document must be returned to us before your school is able to participate in the School Owner's Support Forum. You can preview that document here.
        • Agree to the recurring monthly fee by purchasing the Alliance membership in our store.
          • Note: Membership fee will be billed monthly from date of sign up. Membership fees will be locked-in indefinitely, without increase, providing member remains in good standing. In the event membership is terminated or not paid, member will rejoin the program at the current monthly rate.
          • Targeted ads generated in school's location will begin by the end of the second (2nd) month of membership.
          • You will receive and may display in your school:
            • Poster of the Six Freedoms, seen here. You will receive a high-resolution version of the image when you register.
            • Window sticker QR code identifying you as a wK Alliance school. Note: this is not required to display. Schools will also be given a digital copy of the QR code to use as they see fit.

          We will review every submission and reserve the right to reject any application. In the case of rejection, we will refund your money, collect no additional fees, and be in touch with you about what you can do to re-apply.

            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

            Q: How much will I pay?
            A: If you sign up now, you'll pay $89 a month. Your price will never go up so long as you remain a member.

            Q: If I sign up, my monthly fee stays the same, even as you add benefits?
            A: Correct! It's all about our philosophy of delivering overwhelming value.

            Q: What if I leave and come back? Will my price still be the same?
            A: No, if you end your membership you will return at whatever the current price is.

            Q: What if I am already a member of another federation or organization?
            A: You can, and should, participate. The benefits of wK Alliance are not commonly found in other organizations. Even for those benefits that might be similar, they'll support each other. Example: just because we're doing some advertising on your behalf doesn't mean you shouldn't have other advertising.

            Q: What if I don't want to participate in one of the benefits?
            A: You don't have to! All benefits are optional, simply participate the ones you find valuable.

            Q: How do the Geotargeted Ads work?
            A: Once we have your school's address, we add you to the list of accredited member school, and then place the ads ourselves. You don't have to do anything.

            Q: How effective are the Geotargeted Ads?
            A:That depends on your website, and how you handle things once they click on the link to your school. We can only get them there.

            Q: Can I direct them to a certain landing page on my website so I can track how many clicks I get?
            A: Yes! In fact, we recommend that.

            Q: Can I make suggestions for webinar topics?
            A: Yes! Members have easy access to the team that decides on and book the webinars.

            Q: What are some examples of the online challenges?
            A: Challenges span a variety of formats and subjects, but examples include: How many pushups can your school's students perform in 24 hours? Which group of three can perform their school's first form the most number of times in a week? What group of 5 can write the best martial arts-themed story?

            Q: So, these challenges aren't just online tournaments?
            A: No, not at all! The challenges have two main goals: to create opportunities for fostering friendships within schools, and to do so in a way that creates interesting opportunities for marketing in your local community.

            Q: What about martial arts style X? Can schools that train in that style join?
            A: Yes!

            Q: What if I/we are part of another organization? Can we still join?
            A: Yes! We do not consider your membership in other organizations as part of membership in wK Alliance. In fact, many of the members participate in other organizations, including professional, style-specific, and more. As long as you agree to our terms (everything is mentioned on this page) your school is welcome.

            Q: How do I change my listed information? Or my billing information?
            A: Just let us know!

            Q: How do I cancel?
            A: From your login you have the ability to change your billing information or cancel, at any time.

            Have more questions? Don't be afraid to reach out and let us know! Someone will get back to you right away.

            Terms and Conditions

            The above agree to adhere strictly to the code of conduct specified by Whistlekick LLC. This program is in no way a promise or guarantee of sales, program growth, or exchange of goods and services of any kind accepting that which is laid out in the aforementioned. Whistlekick LLC absolves itself of any responsibility or liability of the individuals or entities participating as members of the wK Alliance program, and as such, Whistlekick LLC reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to any individual or entity as it sees fit that finds itself in violation of the code of conduct or that find themselves a danger to other members or Whistlekick LLC.