whistlekick Pursuit Semi-Contact Point Sparring Gloves

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Make no mistake about it - footwork isn’t the only one that needs practice.

How your punches will land can determine either the victory or the defeat. So there’s really no reason to ignore them, is there?

It’s highly important to develop the muscles in your hands and arms, not to mention the agility and dexterity needed to extend your reach and maximize your speed.

It’s hard to achieve these, however, without using the proper protection when sparring.

You can enhance the impact and increase the speed of your punches by training constantly. It can either be a hit or a miss, but either way, you will definitely gain strength and grit, quickness and endurance.

The Whistlekick Pursuit Semi-Contac Point Sparring Gloves are premium quality, extra-reinforced sparring gloves that you can use in any martial arts practice. They are especially useful for point-style sparring practice and competition.

Don’t be fooled, our gloves feature more reinforcement and better materials than any other gloves on the market, at any price.

Some helpful features, tips, and reminders when using our Pursuit gloves:

NOT FOR BOXING – These gloves are designed for light to medium contact only. They are not rated for, nor recommended for, use on heavy bags or in any sort of boxing situation.

BUILT BETTER - We use premium materials & better designs than other manufacturers which leave our gloves with the perfect feeling of protection, but without being heavy.
PREMIUM MATERIALS - Made with the very best synthetic materials for maximum breathability and longer life.

FULLY REINFORCED – Not all gloves are sewn everywhere you’d think. Our Semi Contact Gloves are, and even some extra places to make them durable and long-lasting.

CURVED FINGER DESIGN – These gloves maintain a curve in your fingers, preventing you from jamming them on impact.

COMFORTABLE – Ventilation and breathable fabric reduce sweat buildup.

EXTENDED WRIST STRAP – We’ve lengthened the strap and the Velcro to make sure you get the perfect fit for you!

When choosing the best size for you, measure your bottom knuckle width. Our guide sizes would tell you that small is under 3 inches, medium is 3 to 3.5 inches, and large is above 3.5 inches. Best to size up if you're close or between sizes.

You can also find these on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/whistlekick-Pursuit-Semi-Contact-Martial-Sparring/dp/B07N6MP68M