whistlekick Force - Strength and Conditioning - v1.04

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[Standard disclaimer about consulting a physician applies. Do not attempt this program if you are injured, at risk for injury, etc. By purchasing you waive any and all rights for compensation.]

Once you complete your payment, you'll be able to download the program right from our website. If you're looking for the videos to go with the program (password-protected) go here.


  • 1.04 - Cosmetic improvements to the workout sheets, preparation for the first hybrid program
  • 1.03—Formatting changes, password update, cleanup of workout sheets
  • 1.02—Added FAQ section, updated logo graphic, adjusted fonts and sizes, simplified formatting to reduce page count, added suggestions for active recovery
  • 1.01—Cleaned up language and formatting, fixed margins on workout log sheets, added a 5th Off Day Workout option, added Active Recovery suggestions, 
  • Version 1.00—Our initial release