10 whistlekick Martial Arts Radio Episodes You Need to Listen to To Kick Off 2021

10 whistlekick Martial Arts Radio Episodes You Need to Listen to To Kick Off 2021

Avid fans and supporters know that whistlekick Martial Arts Radio is a podcast that tackles different martial arts topics and features some of the best, most prominent and highly respected martial artists with different backgrounds who share stories and rich experiences within and outside the arts. 

This is also a show where listeners and aspiring martial artists can get tips and ideas about martial arts mindset, training techniques, and best practices. 

Jeremy Lesniak, founder and host, discusses thought-provoking issues in solo-casts and holds exciting and highly interesting conversations with the greatest martial arts minds in line with whistlekick’s goal to connect traditional martial artists all over the world and bring martial artists together and learn from one another. 

Top 10 Episodes Bine On This New Year

Episode 455 – It’s OK to Not be OK

Sometimes the happiest people on the outside are the ones who are coping with a lot of issues on the inside. 

In this very inspirational and intimate episode, Jeremy shares his personal battles and how martial arts helped him cope. This episode will help you realize that everyone has their bad days and that being not OK is totally OK. And frankly, after the year we’ve had, this is the kind of mindset we need.

Episode 523 – How Martial Arts Schools Can Survive COVID-19

Sensei Craig Wharem talked on how his martial arts school survived during the Covid-19 and hopes that other schools can take inspiration from his. In this episode, he shared about the concept of value and some tips and techniques on how he taught the students through the use of technology. 

According to him, “The students did not need to learn discipline, they needed to learn perseverance. They needed to learn how to endure a challenge”. Don’t miss this very informative episode on how Martial Arts Schools can not only survive COVID-19 but look beyond in a world after the pandemic.

Episode 541 - What Martial Artists Have Learned in 2020

This episode talks about six things that happened in 2020 and how everything that we do comes back to value and service. Jeremy shares the importance of martial arts schools and instructors maintaining strong relationships with their students and connecting interests to energize learning and lead to academic success.

Episode 531 – Martial Arts: Lifestyle vs Hobby

Is martial arts more than just a sport or hobby? This episode differentiates between martial arts as a hobby or as a lifestyle. Either way, it’s important that we know that it doesn’t have to be a big deal as long as we are happy in what we do. One crucial concept Jeremy shared is that “Martial arts as a hobby is just as valid as martial arts as a lifestyle.”

Episode 491 – Strength and Conditioning Program

Why is strength and conditioning important? And how will it help you to progress in martial arts? Jeremy introduces the new programs perfect for martial artists and health enthusiasts alike! Or even if you are just beginning on your fitness journey and want to take hold of your health and schedule by using a structured program. Know more about what this program has compared to others and how this program is worth your time and money as it can yield you great results without the use of any equipment! Click here if you want to purchase it or try other programs!

Episode 475 – Traditional Training vs Successful Business

What does it take to run a successful martial arts school while preserving traditional martial arts values and training methods? As school owners and instructors, how can you not lose sight of what’s important in your Martial Arts school? And why shouldn’t money be the only priority or driving force in running a successful Martial Arts school? Know about the three things that are absolutely critical to balance business success and quality martial arts training. Let’s dive deeper into this topic with Jeremy!

Episode 473 – What Makes One Martial Artist Better

To be a better martial artist, does overall skills matter? Or is discipline and dedication more important? What about sheer knowledge on the subject matter? Jeremy cracks the case and reveals how our subjectiveness and biases based on our own personal preferences affect our point of view about what it takes to be a better martial artist.

Episode 463 – Living a Martial Arts Lifestyle

Martial arts lifestyle isn't just about attending your training sessions or having the knowledge, but about “truly benefitting you as well as everyone around you.” Martial arts is not purely intrinsic or internal. It is about interacting with your environment and creating good for your community. Listen to know more about how this lifestyle can be seen and felt in everything you do and affects even your micro decision such as your choice of food and clothing, and your attitude and how you behave, all the way to how it translates to your entire life and being.

Episode 501 – The Future of Martial Arts

Covid-19 has greatly affected the world, causing disruption on every facet of life. Jeremy talks about the future of martial arts amidst the global pandemic and how online training affected martial arts students as well. Get to know about his five predictions about martial arts and how recent global phenomena has impacted the industry so far.

Episode 500 – What Advice Would You Give Martial Artists 100 Years from Now?

Now this episode is quite special as you get to hear from more than forty of the best martial arts experts from around the world speak and give advice about martial artists and how they view this industry a hundred years from now. Several recommendations, tips and ideas were given by different guests - from professors, leaders and even martial artists themselves. You will surely learn a lot from this episode.

More engaging, relevant and captivating episodes coming in 2021

Still can’t get enough of these amazing episodes? We’ve got more than five hundred episodes that you can check out at whistlekickmartialartsradio.com and stream all episodes on different platforms to learn, be inspired and gain knowledge from different martial artists all over the world. 

Make sure to stay tuned for more educational, inspiring and exciting episodes to come this 2021. We will surely have more relevant topics to inspire and motivate you. More guests will grace the show this coming year so make sure to follow us and engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

whistlekick Martial Arts Radio listens to their followers so go on and comment on our website or social media platforms and let us know what kind of topics you’d like to hear. You could also let us know which guests you want to hear by visiting our Guest Suggestions page. 

Have a great 2021! 

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