2015-It's a New Year!

For those of you that have been playing the home game, you know that whistlekick, while a labor of love, has not been my only source of income. Or even the business I spent most of my time in. I've spent the last few years with whistlekick on the side, as a hobby in a sense, trying to get it "over the hump." The end of 2014 was huge for whistlekick, but not because of anything that happened directly.

I sold my other company.

Before you go getting excited, expecting to see wK billboards and television commercials, it wasn't that kind of sale. While my other company provided me a good lifestyle, it wasn't worth a lot of money. I sold the company to my (now former) employees in the hopes that they'd carry it on and grow it. It's been exciting to watch what they've done so far, but that's really not appropriate for this space.

What this means is that I have a little bit of runway - a term entrepreneurs often use to describe how long they can spend on a project with the current amount of funds. I don't have decades or years... I have months. More than a couple, less than a bunch. Months. I'm repeating this not for you, but to reinforce the sense of immediacy that I need to remind myself of.

2015 is going to be huge - for me, for whistlekick and, hopefully, for all of you. There are tons of things on the whiteboard right now, but I don't want to share any of them yet. Not because they won't happen, but because I'm not sure which of them will happen soon. I have a tendency to think too big sometimes, and some of these ideas may need to be scaled back until wK has grown to the point of supporting them.

I hope these blog posts are more regular moving forward. I enjoy writing, and this is my favorite subject. I appreciate all of the support you have shown me and this fledgling company over the last few years, and I hope I can ask for more moving forward. 

My best to you all,


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