2015 Kidament

Last Saturday we were at a small but fun event in Hyde Park, Vermont. The Annual Kidament, hosted by Dunlavey's Black Belt Academy, is a children's-only martial arts tournament with a focus on education and fun. This was our second year attending.

The event only lasted a few hours, but there were quite a few competitors from all over the area. Everyone had fun, but that's the goal of any event. The Kidament takes the typical divisions but adds in a lot of other excitement - foam-noodle sword fights, for example.

We debuted a few new items over the last couple weeks and we're ready to tell you about them - hats and black sweatpants. We've added the hats to the store, though the photos are just mockups. Black sweatpants were devoured almost as soon as we put them out for sale, so we'll let you know when we have more of them in stock.

Sales were good, we had some fun and met some new people. Pushup participation was way down, but that's probably because everyone was so involved and had so much fun. Often the pushup challenge is something people do when they're bored - and we're glad to offer it for that reason. We've updated the scores and the 2015 winners have been declared.

We're off for a few weeks as we get ready for a big 2016! Stay tuned for everything we've got going on. Remember you can always check the event list here.

Until next time,


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