2015 Push-up Challenge - Year in Review

2015 was the first full year of the whistlekick 60-Second Push-Up Challenge, our free event that we offer at martial arts competitions and other events. In June we raised the stakes, offering rankings and tracking every push-up done, with the promise of awarding prizes to the year's champions.

With our last event for the year in the books, we've decided to look back at some of the numbers and we thought we'd share them with you.

We had 166 different people participate 201 times in the Push-Up Challenge starting with June's Friendship Tournament in Gorham, Maine. Of those people participating through the year, there were 54 girls (under 15), 19 women, 72 boys and 21 men. 

Girls averaged 28 push-ups, women and boys both averaged 34 and men averaged 54 push-ups in the 60 seconds.

All combined, participants performed 7164 pushups, or for an average score of 36 pushups per minute.

The best score of the year was put up by Keith Young of New York with a score of 94. His daughter Hailey posted the record in the girl's division with 69. 

The busiest event was the Friendship Tournament with 1479 pushups. The North East Open wasn't too far behind with 1154. Third place was the Summer Spectacular with 915. The biggest average score goes to the SMART Championship where participants averaged 43 push-ups. 

The most frequent participant was Hanshi Richard Bernard who participated six times, posting 394 pushups for an average score of 66 push-ups. The top woman was Theresa Orlowski with an average score of 45. For girls, Mikala Ferland had 38 and for boys, Dylan Holmes put up an average score of 64 push-ups. We'll be presenting awards to each of these amazing push-up-ers at the IPPONE & Twin-State Banquet on January 9th, 2016 in Boxborough, MA.

We hope you enjoyed the recap on the 2015 season of the whistlekick 60-Second Push-Up Challenge. We may be back again with it for 2016, but then again, we have something else up our sleeve that you might like better. Stay tuned!



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