2015 SMART Championship

Last Saturday we were at it again, this time for our second to last event of 2015. Back in Waterville, Maine, again, but this time for the invite-only SMART Championship. SMART is the Maine martial arts circuit and we've really had a good time at these events. Personally, I grew up in Maine so some of these are events I attended years ago, which makes attending that much more enjoyable.

As this was invitation only, the event was smaller than an open tournament. The top four point scorers in each division were given an invitation to participate and the winner of Saturday's competition was crowned state champion. Director of SMART, Renshi Craig Sargent, made a big fuss over everyone's awards, having them stand at the front of the room on a stage. It was a nice touch, and the smiles I saw told me the competitors enjoyed it as well.

We debuted two new products on Saturday, both to great success - black sweatpants and baseball caps. We'll have each of them up on the website soon. 

Pushups went well, though we didn't have a lot of participation. You can check the scores here. Only one more event to get points on the board before we crown the winners. 

Everyone loved the runway that was setup for the Skills Clash events Everyone loved the runway that was setup for the Skills Clash events

The Skills Clash, however, went over very well. We had our third and final trial of that event, this time testing an event where participants were asked to perform the longest jumping kick they could. Everyone had fun and, if memory serves, the longest jump was well over 10 feet. Look for more Skills Clash events in 2016.

We've added a few events to the 2016 calendar already. You can check those out here.

Have a great day!


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