2015 Vermont Classic Tournament

For the third year in a row we attended the excellent Vermont Classic tournament in Springfield, VT. This is a great event and a staple on both the IPPONE and Twin-State circuits. While we do love all of the events we attend, this is one of our closest, at only 90 minutes from HQ in Montpelier.

We were excited to debut our new display, which allows us to feature more of our products than our old table-based display. People seemed to like it and we received a lot of compliments from people that had been to our booth before. Thank you to everyone that helped us load up at the end of the day - you made it go a lot faster.

We also debuted our new event, in partnership with Master Huzon Alexander - the Martial Arts Skills Clash (MASC). This event grew out of the pushup challenge and featured volunteer competitors going head to head in timed situps, timed kicks and a maximum jump. While this was just a trial, people loved it and we had others clamoring to participate. We'll be rolling this out in a bigger way over the next few months, and watch for it to make a big splash in 2016. Thank you to our participants and volunteers for all of your help and enthusiasm!

The event went quickly but not so quickly that we didn't capture a lot of great video. We've been enjoying having Connor Aprea of CA Productions come with us to many of our events. He put together a wonderful 30 second summary of the video that we've posted on YouTube.

While we didn't have high participation in the pushup challenge, we did have some excellent scores. In fact, two of our returning competitors, Rylee Gabert and Nick Harrison closed the gaps over the girls and boys leaders. We're looking forward to some intense competition over the next few events. You can view the updated standings here.

The event went well overall and people had a good time. This isn't a surprise, though, as Master Huzon Alexander has promoted a number of tournaments over the years and knows how to get things done. (That's why we're excited to have him on our team for the 2016 whistlekick Martial Arts Showdown, April 2nd.)

Thank you to all of the attendees, competitors and support staff for making our day an easy one. For those of you that haven't made it to this event, it's definitely one worth attending, so check it out next year.


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