2015 Vermont State Nationals Tournament Wrapup

What a busy day! This was our third time at the Vermont State Nationals, and that's the first time we've hit that landmark. See, contrary to popular belief, we don't attend every event. We attend the ones that are enjoyable and make economic sense. This event is fairly close for us and it's been successful the last few years. 2015 didn't disappoint.

We saw some awesome work from the demo teams. I have to say, it seems that the demo teams on the IPPONE circuit continue to step it up. I'm excited to see what happens over the next couple years from these folks as they improve their skills and get more creative.

As always, we ran our push-up challenge and you can see the results here. Looks like we have a couple people running away with their divisions...

We debuted some new products that were very well received. Those will make it up on the site this week. We've also started giving away free cases with mouthguards purchased at events or online. Just seemed like a nice thing to do.

We were fortunate enough to sponsor the men's and women's black belt sparring grand championships. Congratulations to Master Elizabeth Kenny and Master Freddie LaPan for their wins. I've known Master Kenny for years and was fortunate enough to interview Master LaPan for Martial Arts Radio.- our weekly podcast. It's nice to see your friends do well. :)

One of the most exciting parts of the day was the team-senior fighting. Watching these black belt men give it their all was incredible. Cash prizes definitely bring in new competitors and it's something we hope more promoters will do. We tried to take photos, but they were just too fast!

We're off for a couple weeks from events but will be very busy through October and November. Stay tuned!


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