2016 Martial Arts Gift Guide

2016 Martial Arts Gift Guide

With the holiday shopping season knocking on our door, we thought this was a perfect time to create a gift guide. Whether you're a martial artist looking for ideas of what to put on your gift list, or someone that needs to buy a gift for a martial arts practitioner, you've come to the right place. These gifts span a range of prices and are sure to be welcomed by any martial artists on your list.

Sparring: Face Off Card Game

We met Mr. Simon Scher on Episode 110 of our podcast, Martial Arts Radio. While we had a great time talking to him, we were also happy to learn about the release of his incredibly creative card game, Sparring: Face Off.

While the game is designed by a Taekwon-Do practitioner, and marketed as such, it's equally appropriate for anyone who enjoys striking arts like karate, kung fu or even MMA - not just taekwondo. If you've played Magic: The Gathering or other similar combative card games, you'll pick this up quickly.

You need 2 people (but only one deck) to play, and while the age is listed as 12+, we feel some younger martial artists would enjoy this, though they may need a bit of a hand learning the rules.

$34.99, available here.

Fury Tactical Kuba-Kickz

Martial artists love weapons, especially creative ones. You can bet that the martial artist on your list probably carries a knife somewhere, either in their pocket, their car or maybe a purse. Tactical pens are great, but if someone wants one, they probably have one. Does your martial artist have one of these?

The Kuba-Kickz has been around for a few years, and it's a brilliant idea. You remove the laces from your shoe and thread them through the holes provided. Once you've laced the shoe back up, you have plastic spikes which turn your instep into a devastating weapon. Made of plastic, they won't set off metal detectors and the design keeps the wearer from feeling much of the impact during use.

They come in six different colors to match your shoes or boots. If you wear long-ish pants, no one will ever know they're there.

$13.82 & Up, available here.

Qalo Silicone Rings

For many people, wearing their wedding ring at all times is important. In some martial arts scenarios, this becomes impractical or even dangerous, either to the wearer or the people they're working with. Not to mention the potential for expensive damage to the ring. Qalo's line of silicone rings make a great option.

These rings are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be worn safely during martial arts training. For the married martial artist on your list, these are a great option.

$24.95, available at Qalo.com

Everest Gear Bag

Every martial artist needs a good bag, but it's hard to find a nice one without spending a lot. Everest makes this large bag out of heavy polyester, so it holds up well. Lots of pockets, including some exterior mesh space for small things that need to dry, like a mouthguard.

If you don't need the x-large size, the next size down comes in a number of unique colors, including orange and purple.

$22.49 available here.

Martial Arts Coloring Book

This coloring book offers children a look at different martial arts styles around the world, from Capoeira to Judo, Kung Fu & Krav Maga, 30 styles in all. It's an affordable & educational gift for any young martial artist.

$3.99 available here.

whistlekick Martial Arts Sparring Gear

Now, we're not just putting our own product on here to be self-serving. Over the last few years we've seen a lot of people buy sparring gear as gifts, and we think our gear is a wonderful choice.

With a quality, comfortable design, bold colors and durable materials, anyone that wears sparring gear will be thrilled to have something from whistlekick under the tree this year.

Bonus: If you're not on the newsletter list, get on it, because we'll be sending out valuable discounts this holiday season.

$39.99 & Up available in the store at whistlekick.com


Disclosure: Other than our own items, we've received no incentive for listing the products here. No commissions, no kickbacks - nothing. Just items we think you might like.

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