2016 New England Classic

This past Saturday we were in Peterborough, New Hampshire for the New England Classic. This was our third time at the event, which was held this year at the local Middle School. Only a bit over a two-hour drive for us, it's nice to do events that don't require staying overnight.

That doesn't mean we don't love the multi-day and far-flung events that we're doing, but sometimes you just like your own bed. Surely, everyone can appreciate that. 

Unfortunately, this year's venue was in a small gymnasium and our booth was in a corridor outside of the main action. While we did take trips to pop in and look at what was going on with the competition, it wasn't the same. We talked to a lot of people and made sales, though - definitely used our time well. In addition, we served as forms coach, impromptu medic and quite a number of other duties that helped the day go well.

We had not one but two whistlekick fans come up to show us their gear. Taylor's gear is nearly two years old and Lexi's is over a year. Try and find any rips or tears on their gear - there isn't any! We love seeing how passionate people get about our products.

This little guy just started training tae kwon do recently, but his big sister has been wearing whistlekick for over a year, and he just had to wear his shirt to the tournament. We might be biased, but it looks good!

The event ended mid afternoon and we were packed up and home for dinner. While this wasn't the most successful event we've had, we did have an enjoyable time. Personally, I'm hoping that next year's event will be in a larger space so we can be in the thick of the action, where we prefer to be.


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