5 Martial Arts Movies on Netflix You Need to Binge On Right Now

5 Martial Arts Movies on Netflix You Need to Binge On Right Now

Want to bust away from the holiday doldrums? Looking for something to watch that’s worth your time? Or maybe you’re looking for something exciting to watch with your family and friends to kick things off this new year? Consider these top five martial arts movies streaming on Netflix now:

Martial Arts Movies Streaming on Netflix

Kung Fu Hustle

Looking for a movie that is a combination of action and humor? Kung Fu Hustle is perfect for you! This Chinese martial arts film directed by Stephen Chow will surely make you chuckle. The story revolves around two friends, Sing and Bone, who attempt to steal from the residents of Pig Sty Alley by trying to fool the residents into thinking that they are members of the most feared Axe gang. When the real gangsters arrive, the neighborhood fights for their lives and without the gang leader Brother Sum knowing that three legendary martial arts masters will be their opponent.

IP Man

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This is the story of the legendary Wing Chun Kung Fu Master from Fo Shan China who encounters a series of events where he will choose between keeping himself and his family safe by keeping a low profile or protecting everyone in his city. 

In the story, the Japanese Invasion in 1937 greatly affected the lives of everyone in Fo Shan including Ip Man. And to be able to survive the Japanese forces, they have to fight for their lives and compete against them as well as Japan’s greatest fighter - General Miura. 

IP Man is unique in the sense that shows that not all heroes wear capes, as IP Man he fights for his friends, teaches Wing Chun for self-defense, and fights for the honor of his country. Now a four-part movie franchise, it is definitely worth the watch, so go on and add this movie to your Netflix watchlist.

The Monkey King 1, 2 and 3

An action-adventure film to watch with your family, the Monkey King brings viewers into a breathtaking tour of Chinese mythology as the Monkey King journey to the West. One of the most outstanding things about this film is that it tackles the Buddhist belief of reincarnation, and even though it is made for kids, it still delivers awesome martial arts action sequences with real-life lessons. 

The Monkey King was born with superpowers but since he is very irresponsible and recklessly makes all sorts of mistakes, he will redeem himself towards the end.

The Night Comes For Us

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Do you prefer complete action-thriller films more than romance movies? Check out The Night Comes For Us on Netflix. This is an Indonesian film released in 2018 with action-packed and heart-pounding scenes that will keep you glued till the end! 

The story is about a former triad enforcer who must protect a girl from a village he was sent to destroy and save her while fighting for his life. This film will definitely make your jaws drop as it is a martial-arts extravaganza while successfully executing the plotline on betrayal towards redemption.


With all honesty, we don’t really recommend this mind-blowing Indonesian martial arts film for the faint of heart. But if you’re a gorehound, this movie is something you will enjoy! 

Headshot is about an amnesiac named Ishmael who has been in a coma for months and was nursed back to health by medical resident Ailin without knowing that this man is a member of a vicious gang. 

The film contains extreme action and many martial arts stunt work that will surely amaze you! What do you think will happen to Ailin when she finds out that Ishmael is a violent man? What could be the reason behind Ishmael’s amnesia? Satisfy your curiosity by adding this to your binge list.

Martial Arts Movies: Edutainment 

Many people think that martial arts movies are just pure violence or extreme action. That is precisely the opposite of what these films are about or aspire to do.

If we dive deeper into the stories of these films and understand the true meaning and symbolism of martial arts movies, we will surely learn lessons from each character that we might be able to apply to our lives. 

Some films are actually inspired by real-life stories while some are purely fictional. But either way, it is both praise-worthy and amazing to see actors practice and train a lot of these martial arts techniques and stunts just to be able to create perfect movie scenes.

Martial Arts teaches us discipline, courage, self-defense, respect and many more which are vital in our lives. And by watching these kinds of movies we gain not only entertainment but also knowledge. Check out more martial arts films on Netflix and may this article be your guide in finding the perfect movie for you!
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