All-In Weekend 2024 Was a Success

All-In Weekend 2024 Was a Success

Wow, what a weekend we had at All-In Weekend 2024! It was a couple of days packed with martial arts, great food, and even better company. For those who joined us, thanks for making it unforgettable! And if you missed out, let me paint you a picture of what went down, so you don't miss out on next year.

Imagine this: training sessions that worked physical skills but also expanded your mind. We dove deep into what being a martial artist is all about—minus the egos. It was all about learning, growing, and, of course, having a ton of fun along the way.

And the food! Three words: Chef-prepared deliciousness. We ate like champions, shared stories like old friends, and left feeling like family. Everyone left all they had on the training floor, and it made the weekend unforgettable.

I want to shout out our Leadership Team - they did an amazing job, and allowed Andrew and I the time to make the event even better. I feel confident in saying this was our best year yet.

Missed this year? Don’t worry! We’re already getting pumped for 2025, and trust me, you’ll want in on this. It’s more than a martial arts camp; it’s a weekend where everyone wins, and we mean everyone—from first-years to seasoned pros.

Keep your eyes peeled for registration details, and remember, spots are super limited. Let’s make next year even bigger and better. Can’t wait to see you there!

Catch you soon,


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