Announcing the whistlekick Warranty!

Announcing the whistlekick Warranty!

We've learned a lot over the last few years. One of the things we've learned is that when we make high-quality products, they last. We've often been asked why we didn't have a warranty - and the answer is because we didn't think we needed one.

We still don't feel we need one, honestly, but that's exactly why we're changing our tune. Starting today, we're offering an industry-leading, 120-day warranty on all whistlekick products. We're even giving you the opportunity to add another 60 days, so keep reading.

Our thought process, prior, was that once people discovered how long our products lasted, they wouldn't care about a warranty. And that's been true. The only problem with that line of thinking, though, is that it only works for people who know someone with whistlekick products. Whoops!

So, like many things in the martial arts, we're adapting to what we've learned. We have so much confidence in what we do, we're offering the best warranty in the business.

Oh! And if you want that extra 60 days of warranty coverage, all you have to do is post your purchase on social media. Yup, it helps us both. That's always been a core principle of our business model - finding ways that we can all work together.

You probably have some questions, so here's what you should do. First, read the full warranty details page for all the nitty-gritty on how it works, here. Second, if you don't find the answers to your question on that page, you can certainly contact us and we'll answer the question. And please ask the question - because if you have questions, other people likely do, too!

Thank you for the opportunity to continue serving you, and thank you for challenging us to be the best that we can.

Jeremy Lesniak
Whistlekick, LLC

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