Are martial arts good for anxiety?

Are martial arts good for anxiety?

Mental health issues are a major social concern nowadays. Unfortunately, most people who suffer from depression or anxiety don’t seek help. Based on studies, martial arts training appears to be an effective sports-based mental health intervention that could be a more affordable alternative to psychological therapy.

Stress Relief

We’ve gotten so used to packing our schedule with endless tasks to finish, things to do, places to go to. While we think we’re being productive, it’s actually stressful - the unhealthy kind of stress.

Martial arts training is great in reducing or relieving stress. It combines cardio exercise which is great for the heart and helps manage anxiety. It also involves breathing and meditation exercises, which help to alleviate tension. When you train, you get to de-stress, reduce frustration and relax while you keep your body physically fit. 


Martial arts is one of the most enjoyable and accessible activities of choice.  It can be a form of recreation as well as a solid foundation for self-defense and weight-loss activity. 

Martial arts lets you stay active since it requires you to train multiple times a week.  It also boosts your mood by releasing hormones like endorphins so this will be an excellent method to focus and aim your energy into something beneficial that you can grow with over time.


As we age, our bodies lose dopamine which is necessary for our sensations of pleasure and happiness. Martial arts training allows you to release hormones which then boosts your mood even if you’re having a bad day. 

When you’re in a happy mood, you increase your self-esteem by engaging with your teammates or peers. 


Focus is the mind's ability to center its attention on a task or object. No matter how big or little your life goals are, you will not achieve them until you learn to focus and avoid distractions.

Martial arts can teach you the value of focus and concentration and why it matters not only inside the mat but also in real-life situations. 


For some, martial arts is just a hobby but for others, it might be their career. Being a martial arts practitioner gives you a sense of purpose in life. As you begin training and pave your way towards higher ranking, you’ll get to understand its purpose in your life and how it benefits you in different ways. 

When you feel like giving up, you have to look back to where you started and where you are now. That will push you to be a better martial artist. 

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