Are more people working out in 2021?

Are more people working out in 2021?

2021 hasn’t been the best year for all of us. It has made us realize a lot of things and might even have encouraged us to do the things we love or aspire to do. Many trends have emerged - including the fitness industry.

Are you one of those who were motivated to start your fitness journey? Or are you a fitness junkie who has been inspired to keep on going because of the new fitness trends? Let’s find out!

Wearable Fitness Techs

Many tech companies definitely leveled up their game in terms of the gadgets and technologies they offer in the market. Application companies have upgraded the fitness apps they offer, and several innovative products have been released in the past year. From fitness watches, wireless earphones perfect for jogging, phone applications with health trackers, and so much more.

This makes it easier for people who exercise to track their progress, and even make their experience an amazing one with the help of these products and applications.

Sports and Fitness Merge

We’re talking about sports like basketball, volleyball, badminton that have been a great way to start many individual’s fitness stories: started from trying a new sport to being addicted to training. 

Not only are these sports physically engaging and help your overall well-being, but they are also enjoyable and can build awesome relationships with other players. 

Long-lasting Hybrid Routines

Adapting to the pandemic has ushered in a new revolution of virtual applications. The fitness industry soon introduced virtual fitness, which consumers quickly embraced. Using only our laptops, tablets, or mobile phones we can easily access free training online. Many also offer paid programs for those who are seeking a more accurate and specifically made for specific needs. 

Prerecorded fitness videos, live stream fitness, and online fitness classes helped us adopt a hybrid program that includes both in-person and virtual workouts at a studio or gym. Awesome right?


Despite the fact that fitness is becoming more accessible, there are still some obstacles we need to overcome. From the price point of each program that many fitness professionals offer, hygiene and safety of gyms, and cost of memberships - many aspiring individuals are intimidated. 

But the only solution is to assist those who are new to fitness in developing a routine and gaining confidence. Providing fitness classes and workshops for beginners and offering them the training or class that fits their health needs and current lifestyle.

Virtual Challenges

We humans always need a daily dose of motivation which is why we find ways to look for an exciting challenge to do. In social media, fitness professionals or influencers create trends that give us the drive to do better.

Inclusive Fitness for All

With the new trends, innovative products, and new challenges that society offers, many are influenced to start their own fitness journey and share it on social media. We can see a lot of testimonies online sharing their stories and how exercises have benefited them. Undoubtedly, exercise does help us in many ways. 

What are you waiting for? This is your sign to start your fitness journey today!

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