August 5th Update

I was just about to sign off for dinner when I remembered I hadn't posted an update for a while. In short - it's been a whistlekick week! True, it's only Tuesday, but looking over the emails in my inbox, it's about 75% wK related, and that's just fine by me!

We've got this new ad going out to Black Belt Magazine for the next issue. We're also on the website, but with a different ad. It's been interesting watching the process of the overall martial arts market accepting what we do. It's different, and people aren't always ready for different.

The boys from Team Kiken'na Bushido had a great showing last week, bringing home 4 top-2 trophies between the three of them. We'll get the writeup posted soon. 

Other than that, we've got another order on the way from the manufacturing facility. It's always bittersweet to transfer that much money. But hey, we've got to keep the gear coming so we can keep you guys fitted up!

Thanks for all that you do to support us.


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