AVAILABLE NOW! Modern Moms of Martial Arts

AVAILABLE NOW! Modern Moms of Martial Arts

Modern Moms of Martial Arts is a kick-butt collection of stories from moms - just like the moms in your life - who also happen to be kicking it on the dojo floor. These are the tales of laundry warriors and kitchen ninjas who've found their sanctuary in the world of martial arts.

I cried as I edited the stories in this book. It is exactly what I had hoped it would become. 

What a beautiful way for moms to support and encourage each other. 

Oh, and there’s time to receive a copy by Mother’s Day if you order soon!

Grab a copy, write us a review, and be sure to share this blog post with everyone you know. 

Available on Amazon in eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover editions. 

Jenni Nather
Book Division Director
Free Training Day Mid-Atlantic Event Coordinator

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