Best Martial Arts Instagram accounts to Follow

Best Martial Arts Instagram accounts to Follow

Martial arts are combat systems and traditions used for different purposes, including self-defense, competition, and fitness. Popular martial art types include Jiujitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Judo, kickboxing, and MMA. 

Many martial artists nowadays are on social media and use their platforms to present their skills and expertise in the field. In this article, we bring you a variety of martial artists on Instagram that are worth following. 

Seth Adams

To top off our list, we have Seth Adams. Sounds familiar? 

If you’ve been listening to whistlekick’s podcast, Sensei Seth was invited over to talk with Jeremy Lesniak about his journey on how he started training with a memory of watching martial arts movies as a child, getting out of it to pursue his own thing, and then coming back again. 

Seth Adams creates content all about martial arts and also creates videos on his Youtube channel to showcase his skills, knowledge, and to inspire those young and aspiring martial artists all over the globe. 

Nagano Yusuke

Whether you’re young or old, you can definitely practice martial arts and be a martial artist. Sensei Nagano Yusuke proves to us that even at a young age, you can create a master in yourself.

Sensei Nagano Yusuke, who once wanted to be a football player, knew he wanted to train in Karate when he went into a Japanese Karate dojo for the first time. Presently, Sensei Nagano Yusuke teaches Karate in Tokyo where they teach online as well as actual classes for people who are visiting Tokyo. Visit his Instagram account to learn more about him or to start your own beginner’s lesson on Karate.

Chen Tang

You’re going to be a fan of the next martial artist on our list. 

Mr. Chen Tang is a martial artist and an actor who stars in Bruce Lee's Warrior and Disney's live-action Mulan. Just like everyone, one of his inspirations is Bruce Lee and on an episode at whistlekick, Mr. Tang tells us why he is passionate about acting and his present and future projects. 

Don’t think twice and go follow him right now!

Jon Hurwitz

This list is getting crazier as we introduce you to the next person on our list. You might have seen him in the legendary movie “The Karate Kid”.

Mr. Jon Hurwitz is an actor, film director, producer, and part of the cast of the legendary movie, The Karate Kid. He’s also known in the top movies Cobra Kai, Harold & Kumar, American Reunion, Blockers, and Plan B. With over 114 thousand followers on Instagram, he remains humble and honored to be a martial artist of his own. Learn more about his story here.

Stephan Kesting

Mr. Stephan Kesting is a martial arts practitioner, instructor, the founder of Grapple Arts. He’s also a Podcaster, a Youtube creator, and a full-time firefighter. Amazing how one person can do all of those right? 

His Instagram account is full of videos, motivational quotes, and bits of his life journey in pixels. Mr. Stephan Kesting started training at 12-years old and was fascinated with martial arts when he read a book as a young child which gave him a strong foundation to do what he is doing now, teach martial arts. Listen to his story here.

TJ Storm

Can you imagine learning martial arts, have it be your main source of living, and be able to inspire the younger generation?

Yes! It’s possible. TJ Storm or @stormzeye on Instagram is a martial arts practitioner, actor, and instructor of motion capture at the Mind's Eye Tribe in Los Angeles, California. You might have seen him as an actor in the famous movies: Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Predator, Deadpool, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order & Vader Immortal. Using his martial art techniques and skills in a movie is truly jaw-dropping!

Samantha Win

This next person screams HOT, GORGEOUS, AND SKILLED. Meet Ms. Samantha Win a martial arts practitioner and actor from Barrie, Ontario. Now living in California, she has been featured in the films Wonderwoman and Man of Steel. 

At a very young age, Miss Win became aware that acting and martial arts can go together. (Told you!) Miss Win, aka Samantha Jo, has also represented Canada for wushu and won a bronze medal at the 2007 World Wushu Championships. With all the hats she wears, Miss Win has a lot of interesting stories to tell so listen to find out more! 

Are you a Fan now?

All of these martial artists have trained and practiced to their limits just to be as good as they are now. Each one started from the very beginning just like you. Who knows you’ll also be part of this list of amazing Martial Artists to check out on Instagram.

Just keep on training, hustling, and pursue your dream to be a successful martial artist and you’ll be one someday! Follow us on our Instagram account for more surprising content.

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