Best Martial Arts Podcasts

If you know us, you know we love podcasts. Heck, we make one! But we're certainly not the first or only podcast about traditional martial arts. We thought we'd share some of the love you've all shown us. To that end, here are the best martial arts podcasts available.

Martial Arts Radio

It's true, we're biased. We're putting our podcast first because we've worked incredibly hard to produce what we feel is the best martial arts podcast available. Top-notch guests opening up about their history and offering advice to the rest of us. Inspiring, motivating real talk from great names that you recognize. This is what we wanted ourselves, so it's what we make. The show is released every Monday and has been doing so since April 2015. Clean language, and a conversational style that makes you feel like you're in the room with the guest as well as the host, whistlekick Founder Jeremy Lesniak.

Hiyaa!! The Martial Arts Podcast

Much of the inspiration for Martial Arts Radio came from Hiyaa!! These guys do a great job with their interviews, but they go in a different direction. Their conversations use multiple hosts and with the occasional explicit language, it's certainly not targeted at children. Unfortunately, they go weeks to months without releasing an episode and as of the writing of this piece, they're on another break from the show. That doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to their old stuff, though. As with much of the content released by all of these shows, their value doesn't diminish with time.


The Martial Arts Business Podcast

This show is hosted by Mike Massie, author of the book "Small Dojo, Big Profits." If you're a martial arts school owner, this may be the podcast for you. It's not just for the martial arts school owner, though. In the end, the show is about martial arts and features martial artists.


KungFu Podcasts

A solid show that is deeply rooted in the Chinese Martial Arts. Hosted by Sifu TW Smith. Worth checking out, and not just for those that practice Chinese Martial Arts. Great show notes at the website and less interview-focused than other shows.

Martial Thoughts

A good podcast with more of a conversational feel than some of the others. Great show notes and the host also does a fair number of book reviews.

We interviewed Sensei Jaredd Wilson, host of Martial Thoughts, on Martial Arts Radio. You can check out the episode here.

Fight for a Happy Life

A well-produced podcast from a more itellectual perspective. While there are interviews, most episodes are information from Sensei Ando. He's a wise man and does a good job of conveying his point. you'll likely find yourself nodding along to what he says.

We interviewed Sensei Ando on Martial Arts Radio - you can check out his episode here.

Are there others? Yes. While there may have been one that slipped through the cracks, we're not going to recommend every traditional martial arts podcast out there. We evaluated some that weren't very good. EIther they hadn't posted in a long time, they had terrible audio quality or the content was boring and repetitive. But if you have a traditional martial arts podcast you love that isn't listed here, please contact us and we'll take a look at it. If it passes muster, we'll update this page and thank you tremendously.

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