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Best Self-Defense Martial Arts to Learn

Self-defense teaches different techniques and strategies. It also depends on what kind of style in martial arts. Whatever reason you have, it is also important that you know and practices the best self-defense martial arts. 

Krav Maga as Best Self-Defense Martial Arts

Designed to prepare people for the toughest time. And places. It is a military self-defense developed in Israel for Israel Defense Forces.

Additionally, it was made for practical defense. In a real-world setting. What made this type of martial arts one of the best self-defense martial arts is that it’s a hybrid system. Meaning, it is a combination of elements of boxing, judo, aikido, and wrestling.

Also with realistic fight training.  Furthermore, it is best known to use in a real-world combat situation, this is definitely a must-have. Especially to those who are planning to learn martial arts.

Consider this one as the first thing to learn as it teaches a lot of skills and techniques that can be used in real-world situations. And if you ever consider this type of martial arts to learn, just keep in mind that the training for this one is intense and realistic. That is because of its goal to prepare people to handle physical and psychological stress. Of course, in a real-world setting. 


A crowd favorite. And also very popular with practitioners and commentators in the world of martial arts. Jiu-Jitsu is also a combat sport, like Krav Maga. It originated in Japan. And later became popular in Brazil.

The word jiu-jitsu came from the Japanese word ju which means gentle. While jutsu means art. In short, gentle art. As the best self-defense martial arts, jiu-jitsu focuses on using the skills of leverage, technique, and subdue.

As the meaning itself, the goal for this one is to neutralize the attacker by only using minimal force and energy.

If you are the type of person doing martial arts that is not very competitive, this one is perfect for you. This type of martial arts focuses on being cooperative. Not competitive.

Muay Thai

The best self-defense martial arts to learn and practice. Especially if you are good in striking. It originated in Thailand. The name originally means “The Art of Eight Limbs”. This type of martial arts is known to use stand-up striking. So basically, the moves being used are kicks, punches, knees, and elbow strikes. These moves are the ones being used when attacking an opponent. Muay Thai is also often compared to boxing. As they both use the same skills and moves. If you are someone who loves boxing and want to try a different kind of sport, try this one. For your best self-defense martial arts. Moreover, Muay Thai is considered one of the most effective and widely respected martial arts. And also one of the most powerful striking arts in the world.

Decide The Best Self-Defense Martial Arts for Yourself

For some, learning self-defense can be difficult. As we have different situations and capabilities, it might be hard to decide when to choose the best self-defense martial arts. 

The year has just started, consider learning self-defense. As one of your healthy habits. But if you are still struggling to decide on what kind of martial arts you want to try, consider consulting the professionals. Or you may read the blogs that we have here in whistlekick. 

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