Book Review: Living the Martial Way by Forrest E. Morgan


Living the Martial Way by Forrest E. Morgan.  A manual for the way a modern warrior should think.

This book was a very interesting view into the way that the warrior mindset incorporates into your martial art training and transcends into your everyday life.  The book is divided into three sections.  The way of training covers mind-set, strategy, tactics, and training.  The way of honor covers the foundations of honor, Honor in action, and Perversions of Honor.  The way of living covers fitness, religion and mysticism, and warrior traits.

The book is written for any martial artist no matter what their chosen art is.  Due to the author’s training being mainly in Korean and Japanese arts (Tae Kwon Do & Jujitsu), most of the philosophies he discusses are heavily influenced by those cultures.  Some of the diet and fitness components are a bit out dated and science has since discovered that some of the principles of diet and exercise he discusses are no longer accepted as valid.

Many of the topics in the book are timeless philosophical theories that apply to any martial art.  They are presented in a non-biased manner, concepts that are seen as mystical are presented for what they are to each individual with scientific possible explanations offered for consideration by people with a more western view of the arts.

I have read my copy cover to cover several times and I’ve carted it around with me for many years.  I highly recommend it as reading for any martial artist who wants to expand his understanding of the warrior lifestyle.


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