Can Your Gear Do This?

Back in October of 2013, two boys purchased gear from us. Mom and Dad were just happy to support a local, up and coming business. They liked that the gear was designed a bit differently - and they seemed very happy about the lack of a foot strap.

11 months later I had a chance to see their gear, and I was blown away. Training 3-5 times a week, stuffed in a gear bag when they weren't training, the gear came through flawlessly. So when the 12 year old boys needed bigger foot gear, I took the opportunity to trade them for their old gear. Why? Because we had proof of what we've been saying all along.

There isn't a tear, a nick or any sign of damage. Yes, the gear is wrinkled, but it doesn't impact the usage at all. There's a tiny mark at the heel, where the boot is glued, but the mark is just surface - there isn't any wear to the material underneath.

In other words... four boots from two boys that beat the snot out of it for nearly a year... and all four boots are in the same amazing condition. Mom and Dad are thrilled, the boys are happy. I'm ecstatic!

I made a quick video just to get this out there, as I'm so excited about it. You can watch the video on YouTube here.

Can your gear do this?


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