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Common Karate Terms and Phrases

Aside from learning. The karate styles and their characteristics. There is one more. Important thing. That you should include. In learning karate. And that is the common karate terms. In these articles, we gathered. Some of the most important terms. That you should know. Because these are the ones. Mostly being used. Also, being familiar. With these terms. In karate. Can also help. In communicating well. With other people. Practicing it. As well as for practicing respect. And focus

Common Karate Terms #1: Dojo

Dojo, pronounced as “doh-joh” is a training space. In karate. Where practitioners gather. To train. And practice. The word came. From Japanese. Which means “do” as way. Or path. While “jo” means place. So basically when combined. It means place of the way

Dojo often symbolizes. As a sacred space. For karate practitioners. Because this is a place. Where they come together. In order to develop. Their skills. And when doing that. They are required. To also practice respect, discipline. And self-improvement. These aspects. Are what makes karate. As a very famous type. Of martial arts. That is why it is important. To know this. As one of the common karate terms. 

#2: Sensei

The term sensei. Is mostly used. In Japanese martial arts. But it is also used. In japan. As a term. To address teachers. It is a term. To show respect. And in also acknowledging. The expertise. Of the person being addressed. In karate, it is used. To show respect. To the karate instructor. Or teacher. It is a common karate term. That is needed to learn. And use. To all people. Doing karate. Because respect. Is one of the most important teachings. Of karate. 

#3: Sempai

Sempai is a common karate term. Which basically means “senior”. Or “elder”. It is a common karate term used. When referring to a more experienced student. Who has been training. For a long time. Than other students. In the dojo, sempai is the one most responsible. For helping beginners. Or new students. Especially in proving. And showing support. As well as guidance. Furthermore, the main role. Of a sempai. Is to act. As a role model. To new students. To help. In maintaining discipline. 

#4: Gi

In karate. Wearing uniform. Is important. And the uniform used. Is called gi. The gi consists. Of a white. Or colored cotton material. Specially to pants, jackets. And belts. To signify the rank. And level. Of experience. Of the practitioner. Wearing the gi. Is important. In karate. Not just to show. The ranking. But also in representing. The traditions. And values. Of karate. Like the discipline, respect. And self-improvement

#5: Obi

Ritual in karate. Is also. An important practice. And one of the most important. Among them. Is the obi. It is a common karate term. Which refers. To the belt worn. As part of the uniform. Or the gi. The obi is tied. Around the waist. With the ends hanging down. In front. The obi is also. An important part. Of karate uniform. Which symbolizes. The journey. Of the practitioner. 

When wanting. To learn. Something new. There are unfamiliar terms. That we will encounter. And to be a responsible learner. It is important. To learn. The terms. Just like in karate. The common karate terms. Exist not only. To know their meaning. But also. In preserving. The tradition. With the goal. To impart. And teach. To the next generation.

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