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Differences in Modern Martial Arts

The styles and techniques in martial arts are continuing to evolve and develop. That is because of the modern age we are living in now. This affects the preference of people. That is why martial arts also need to adapt to the changes. The systems that have been passed referred to traditional martial arts. From generation to generation. And those originated from Asian cultures. Now that decades have passed, let us take a look at the difference. In modern martial arts. 

The Origin of Modern Martial Arts

Some of the traditional fighting styles in martial arts originated from Asian countries. Among the popular are karate and taekwondo. A traditional martial art mostly emphasizes strikes, kicks, and grappling.  On the other hand, in modern martial arts, the styles and techniques have evolved from military and self-defense training. Krav Maga is the best example. Law enforcement used this mostly. As a form of self-defense for individuals in real-life settings.

Philosophy in Modern Martial Arts

Philosophy plays an important role in martial art. Its taught to individuals. For personal development. As well as in mental training. In modern martial arts, the focus in teaching philosophy is for the purpose of spiritual and physical development. The best kind of martial arts for this is Aikido and Tai Chi. 

Aikido is a soft martial arts. It emphasizes fluid movements. An attack on an opponent can be done. With not much violence when playing it. Its principles of non-resistance and harmony greatly contribute to personal development. As it also does not have a competition. 

Difference in Techniques

The techniques in modern martial arts mainly focus on four things: practical application, integration of multiple styles, use of scientific principles, and fast training. Practical application means focusing on self-defense. Real-world scenarios. Where techniques can be used. On the other hand, multiple styles refer to different elements from multiple styles and cultures. 

The world that we live in now is modern and technologically advanced. Scientific principles. Are also being applied. In modern martial arts. This can be done. For example, through the use of anatomy to improve the techniques. 

Lastly is faster training. As the modern world’s approach is for self-defense and real-world scenario, it is important to focus on rapid skill. 

The difference in Competition Format

Not all types of martial arts are for competition. Traditional martial arts are often used. For competitions. But now in modern martial arts, there are martial arts that discourage the competition component like Aikido, Tai Chi, and Yoga. These styles are often practiced to improve personal growth, physical fitness, and also self-defense. 

Evolving Martial Arts

As the saying goes, everything changes. That is also the same with martial arts. With every new culture, technology, and environment, martial arts also adapt. This is an important and helpful way. It also keeps people from being interested. There are many factors for the development and growth of martial arts. But whatever reason you have for doing martial arts. It won’t really matter. If you choose to do traditional or modern martial arts. As long as it is aligned with your martial arts goals

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