Episode 500 is Coming: And We Need Your Help

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We are happy to announce the upcoming 500th episode of Martial Arts Radio
on May 11th.
To celebrate we are creating a martial arts time capsule packed full of words of wisdom from martial artists the world over representing every style. This is where you come in!

We would love to have you record a message for us in the form of a short video clip.
In the video, we want to know...
What would you tell a martial artist one hundred years in the future?
The messages could be words of wisdom, advice for new students, advice for
experienced students, something important and meaningful to you that you picked up from your experiences in martial arts that might be valuable to someone in the future.
You can find a sample video to see the sort of thing we are looking for here:
To participate please read these instructions and then send the clip to
the email address included below.
• Videos should be horizontal and sent in at the highest quality you are able
• Keep your submission family-friendly
• Do not include copyrighted material (such as movie or song clips)
• Avoid background noise or activity that could be distracting
• Please don't introduce yourself in your video! Your name, title (if applicable)and school info will be displayed in a caption over your clip.
• Videos should be up to ninety seconds long
• Do not use this video to promote any product or service
• We strongly recommend coming up with your answer and rehearsing a few
times before you record!
If you are unable to send a video you can send an audio file with a photo,
the photo should be no less than 1920 x 1080 resolution.
Videos need to be submitted by April 25th. The finished video will air as
part of our 500th episode celebrations.
To submit your video below you can upload it via Dropbox, Google Drive, or
YouTube and send the link to timecapsule@whistlekick.com
Please include the following with your submission:
• Name of the person/people in the video
• Title if applicable (Sensei, Sifu, etc)
• The name of your martial arts school (optional)
Once the video is out if you would like you can share it with the hashtag
There is no cost to participate, and submitting your video does not constitute an endorsement of any product or service.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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